Custom Nekomimi Helmet

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Behold! A full-faced nekomimi helmet I just had customized. The basic design is just like Celty’s (Watch Durarara!) since it was mainly inspired by hers, but I had it painted black with a bit of gray nekomimi motive to meet my own preference.


IDR 150k for the shape-customization, another IDR 75k for the re-painting job. A total of IDR 225k or about USD 25. Totally worth it, I guess.


The process took time though, the guy who did the customization wasn’t really in sync with me. The preliminary design he showed me was really bad that it looked like a squirrel-ears instead of cat’s. After a bit more discussion (and me showing him how Celty’s helmet looks like), he finally got the idea and start working on it.



Winter 2011

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Hmm, I guess what they say about having too much irl is bad for your health is true after all. LOOOOOTS of things have happened recently that I don’t know where to start… or rather, I don’t want to talk about. Anyways, new anime season has started so I’m thinking of giving some of them my opinion just to satisfy my own enjoyment. I will not give you info on the production, the staff, the voice actors or anything  though, since you can get them easily on the internet. I will only comment on the story and give my impression after watching the first episodes. The animes I’ve watched for winter 2011 so far are:

Rio – Rainbow Gate

“Big boobs with an unbelievably good luck working at a casino as a dealer, fighting bad dude who tries to steal a teddy bear from a loli. Oh, did I mention she wears a wedding dress on a card game?” is prolly all I can say about this anime. Nothing special. Although I don’t hate the main chara design, which kinda sexy in a way, I can’t find anything else that makes me want to keep watching it.



Infinite Stratos

This season’s mecha show. Started by an aerial battle scene which is pretty decently done if not better. Although there are a lot of things throughout the episode that I already found from other mecha show, I wouldn’t mind having more of them. The main hero, a dude who happens to be the only guy in the world that can use an IS (a human-sized mechanical suit which somehow, responds only to girls), enters a school specialized on teaching how to be IS pilots. Of course, this means a “holy-shit-a-massive-harem-animu-in-an-all-girls-school” situation. Despite having this bliss, he couldn’t stand all the pheromones. So he tried to turn to his childhood friend, which turned out to be his room-mate. Add a little bit of after-bath moment and a “So you’re big enough to wear a bra now?” line to lighten the mood, he’s ready to go… or not. So they skip their first night together and comes the breakfast scene and in-the-class which later he got a challenge from an ojou-sama type classmate on a duel for an inter-class representative.

To be honest, I enjoy this anime and look forward to its second episode next week despite a lot of people says bad things about it. Something about it being un-original.


Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This one is a Hidamari Sketch turned into a magical girl anime.

A little girl meets another girl and a small talking animal in a dream full of unexplainable things. The next day, the girl she met in that dream appears as a transfer student and warn her not to become what she is not. The next thing, she heard voices in her head asking for help which turns out to be the little talking animal who later asks her to make a contract with it and become its partner.

Typical magical girl anime, I would say, aside from the weird monsters and the world they fight in.






Yumekui Merry

Yet another strange one. I don’t understand half of it, actually. Well, maybe it’s because I was watching it half-asleep.

A dude with a strange power of being able to see what kind of color the dream other people will have. His friends are using his ability as some kind of fortune-telling although he only sees black on his own dream. Black means nightmare. And yeah, he’s been having nightmares about being chased by lots of cats that talk. One day, he finds his nightmare has become reality. The boss of the cats tries to use his dream to come to the real world when a mysterious girl saves him. Apparently, the girl is somewhat a being of dream that lost in the real world trying to go back to where she belongs.

I have nothing else to say other than…. Merry is kyuuuutoo~ ❤



Another one of Shonen Jump manga made it into anime. I really enjoyed the manga, however there are some degrees, if not a lot, of hilariousness lost in the anime version. Though I doubt I would think the same way if I haven’t read the manga. Either way, it was still a good show.

A delinquent so evil that a demon lord’s baby boy who came down to the human world got so attached to him he wouldn’t let go. The baby’s mission on earth is to be powerful enough to eventually, destroy humanity.


Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janaindakara ne

Long title is LONG! lol

This is prolly the second most entertaining anime this season, my version. Simply put: A daily life of a super perverted little sister (and a brother complex at that) trying to seduce her super perverted older brother. The somewhat weird character design came from the original manga.


Kore wa Zombie Desuka

I nominate this to be the most entertaining anime of the season (based on the first episode only, though). I had quite a hard time holding in my laughter so I won’t cause an uproar throughout my house.

Basically: A dead guy raised from the dead by a dandere necromancer who likes tea meets with a chainsaw-carrying masou-shoujo (you heard it right) in a cemetery who fights school uniform-wearing giant bear and later on cuts the boy into half that still manage to give a tsukomi with a rather calm face and somehow steals the masou-shoujo’s power leaving her completely naked and thus kicks the boy in the face over and over and demands him to let her stay in his house while she’s out of power that later on, making the boy able to transform into a masou-shoujo while being completely a boy which he ended up being seen by his schoolmates as a perverted cross-dressing guy.

That sums it up.

Oh, btw… I tried to look up for a “masou-shoujo” reference but I haven’t found anything useful so far. I do, however, found the meaning of the kanji used for the word “masou” (魔装) that means “devil/demon/evil” and “binding/clothed”. So I assume if “mahou-shoujo” means “magical girl”, “masou-shoujo” would probably mean “witch girl” as in the witch that does horrible things. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


Level E

This has potential to be a yaoi anime…. 😦

Apparently, there are aliens living among humans that humans know nothing about. One of them has his spaceship crashed, so he freeloads in a baseball-loving schoolboy’s apartment who only just started living alone.


I will Update this list later… maybe.

Touhou icon packs

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I caught myself staring at a blank screen for ten minutes today and realized how unproductive my life really is. So I went like “Let’s see if I have some pictures to play around” and stumbled across a touhou folder I don’t even know I had. There were pictures that I thought it would look great as icons. So I began my search to find a software for it. I got this neat little tool. To be honest, I was a bit surprised on how easy it was to make them with it.

So enough talks, here they are:

Icon Pack 01

Patchouli, Marisa, Sakuya, and Reimu


Icon Pack 02

Alice, Reisen, and Cirno


Icon Pack 01 (with shadows)

Same as Pack 01, but with shadows


Icon Pack 02 (with shadows)

Again, with shadows.


Feel free to use them, or delete them off your hdd. AFAIK, this kind of things require creativity and creativity is what I’m lacking.


I’m no touhou fanboy, by the way…

Oh dear, oh dear…

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Wow, I have been neglecting this place for a looooooooooooong time. I have been very unmotivated lately, maybe I need to consume more sugar or something. Anyways, I’m still on my journey for a grand loliness, though the rocky path has become even harder to climb these days. And I still haven’t found a job. I can’t keep freeloading at my uncle’s for the rest of my life, can I? Or rather, I don’t want to.

/me sighs…

TokyoTosho’s dead?

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Okay. I woke up this morning just to find that Tokyo Toshokan is down. Something about DMCA threatened their server or something. Nuoooooo~ …. naaah, that’s not too big of a deal since you can get torrents anywhere nowadays. Also, I found out that MasterCJ, cryptw, and preyx are working to build something similar to tosho. Knowing how they work, it’s something I look forward to see. And so, after 14 hours of continuous IT-related moonspeak on the channel, they managed to get it online.

Jishaku Toshokan

I get to make the picture tags they use! Weeeeee~ \o/ though that’s practically all I could do anyways, and seems like not many people liked it 😦 They changed it, and it’s much better now.

So, unless tokyotosho’s not coming back alive…. this thing is more than enough to replace it. The problem lies whether people knows it’s existence or not to keep adding stuffs to it.

But well, that should be no problem for those experts, I expect.

Daily dosage of anime

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So, I haven’t been watching my (supposedly) daily dosage of anime for the past three days. And just like when a crack-head misses his fix for the day, things seemingly start to turn hostile. Every little thing pisses you off, making it even worse. You start to make blunders that you could never possibly do in normal situations. The world just doesn’t feel right anymore for you to live in, and you’d probably ended up sleeping the whole day just to prevent yourself from going mad. I mean, I’d probably ended up the same way if it wasn’t because I still had things to translate. That, and the staffs of nekomimi fansub kept me entertained.

<Kusion> what
<loliki> a fandub : P
<Kusion> oh
<Kusion> that’d be interesting
<fnord> didnt we have our eyes set on a hentai fandub?
<loliki> we lack female voices
<fnord> japgirl, we need you for a hentai fandub… think youre up to the task?
<JapGirl> what o.o?
<Kusion> oh hell yes
<JapGirl> what the D:
<JapGirl> no
<fnord> we seem to be in lack female voice actors for the endeavour
<fnord> we can shove lilgh0st over to girls if his voice hasnt changed yet
<fnord> *of
<JapGirl> it has
<fnord> *the
<fnord> so that would be 2 voices for the girls already
* Kusion high fives fnord
<Kusion> nice

I really like the sound of it :3

Yeah, small things like that kept me going. In fact, I managed to finish translating nyankoi faster that I had imagine. Usually, I got bored and decided to continue the next day, but this time I finished it in one go. Nice, since this show’s getting a bit boring each episode.

But then I remembered that I haven’t finish the task given by Silky to tlc K-ON 10. They’re subbing it to Indonesian. I’ve done about 60% this morning before I decided to put Nyankoi up for the first priority. Sorry c0balt, I’ll make sure to finish it tomorrow since it’s already midnight now.

Back to the main topic, this lack of daily dosage of anime is due to my crappy interfail. I’m having a “god-help-me-I-got-2kB/s-off-torrent” situation. ImageShack’s torrent drive is no longer free, wtorrent seemed to get all “tsun-tsun” when MasterCJ tried to install it on the new nekomimi ddl server (which is currently: “The DDL Server died because someone was putting rips on it, getting it DMCA’d under our asses. We’re looking into replacements”), leaving me no choice but to leech anime off Izark’s hdd for me to keep on living.

So no matter what happens, Imma raid Izark’s place tomorrow… whether he likes it or not.

Officially a NEET?

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So, I managed to finish (and defended) my graduation thesis the other day. This means, I have graduated from my university -or at least, half official since the graduation ceremony is still two months away). For the time being, my status is not employed, nor in an educational institution. A NEET. I dunno what I should do now (beside having to find a job, that is. Everyone has been diligently poking around asking when I would start working in society). Me and two of my mates talked about the possibility of producing a manga, though. I have confidence in my story writing, and my friend will be the one to draw. Maybe I should take this chance seriously. But that aside, I have nothing to do right now other than fansubbing >_>